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2018 open enrollment - Aca 11/1/17 - 12/15/17

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As an employer, wouldn't you rather concentrate on building your business than dealing with the mandates of providing health insurance for your employees? You want to continue to provide benefits but the costs are continuing to rise and the potential of incurring heavy penalties by not being in compliance with the new healthcare law can be daunting. (Click HERE to see how the ACA is impacting the restaurant industry.)  We are ready to assist with expertise on traditional group plans, SHOP plans and/or Flexible Employee Benefit Options now available in the market. We can also provide tax-advantaged retirement plans for you and your employees. CALL US!

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has totally changed the way health insurance is purchased in the US. Individuals and their families must enroll during the annual open enrollment period or they will be without health insurance for the next calendar year unless they qualify for a special enrollment period which is only granted by the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Subsidies are available for qualified applicants. Penalties up to 2.5% of household income may apply to any individual/family that is without health insurance for more than 3 months. (Click HERE to see the penalties for 2016 and beyond.) Avoid the penalties and find a plan that fits your insurance needs and budget. CALL US!

Medicare eligible individuals have the ability to enroll in Medicare at the age of 65, or at an earlier age, if they have been disabled for 24 months. In addition, those individuals have the option of changing the way they receive Medicare benefits each annual open enrollment period. Learn the options available to you and how to avoid life-long penalties for not enrolling when you are first eligible. Do you qualify for Extra Help from Social Security to help paying for prescription drugs? Can you qualify for a Medicare Savings Plan that would reimburse the Medicare Part B premium deducted from your Social Security benefits?